1. Once your day is booked and the contact is signed your wedding is the only one for the day. This keeps us focused on you and the details you so carefully planned for months.

  2. We always arrive early to your event. Whether you’re doing the pre-wedding “getting ready” photos, or if its a small intimate ceremony you can count on us.

  3. We pride ourselves in the service and photography we produce, using the very best in equipment and lighting.

  4. We come dressed. We mostly stick to the classic blacks and grays to blend in and look like the professional photographers you hired and that we are. Setting up a schedule for the day allows you to enjoy yours, especially once the party starts, without interruption.

  5. A few weeks prior to your big day we will set up a time to talk on the phone or in person for any last minute details and to go over the wedding checklist of photos to be taken. This is the perfect time to mention any special request you may have.

  6. Also, your tentative viewing appointment is scheduled. The viewing appointment is a short 4-6 weeks after your special day. Where you’ll see all your photographs/video in a beautiful big screen presentation.

  7. We will have albums designed for your approval and any additional prints or products can be ordered at this time. The turnaround time for your photographs & products after placing any orders is 2-3 weeks.

  8. An online password protected gallery will be set up at the viewing appointment. This will allow family & friends 14 days to place an order or to view your wedding memories. This is your day, we know how special it is and we intend to give you the best we’ve got.